Planning and Design of HAGIHARAーHAGIHARA’s Factory Design

September 26, 2019


HAGIHARA’s Factory Design


We established a resin processing factory in 1998 in Mabi, Kurashiki City.

The factory produces HAGIHARA’s Jobu Tatami (Strong Tatami Facing) from the raw materials to the final processing, as well as cushions made using the special materials “Softill”, “Chactill” and “Ftill”. The production line is roughly divided into two, and the resin processing line manufactures special materials for cushions and materials for “Jobu Tatami”.

This factory carries out the processes from pulverization utilizing original technology, kneading processes, extrusion (including stretching), cutting, and inspection. All these processes contribute to producing our high-quality products.

The “Jobu Tatami” production line has processes that involve weaving and edging with different kinds of resin materials.

Our MARUFU-inspired planning ability allows us to produce creative and original products using multiple materials, with high productivity and high quality.