HAGIHARA TodayーFurniture and Interior Aaccessories

September 25, 2019


Three-i Division: “About the Three-i’s”


Our lifestyles change with the times. Convenient and comfortable living environments are diversifying. The role of interior furniture has become an increasingly important part of daily life. Instead of simply considering the needs of the times, we imagine ideas for lifestyles from a new perspective, create the future with dreams and propose ideas for lifestyles that suit the present.

We work with the theme, “the creation of a relaxing space and the creation of a comfortable life”. We cherish the textures of natural materials and the feeling they give you, and select materials, arrange them, and work with them in order to develop our products. The designs must be beautiful. They must be comfortable to use. On top of that, our products reflect customer feedback in our original creations.

We conduct marketing research in Japan and overseas, plan and develop products by incorporating customer feedback, send drawings to partner companies overseas (Indonesia, China, Vietnam, etc.), and manufacture interior furniture by reliable and skillful local work together with the warmth of handwork. We strive to deliver what customers want to make their lives more comfortable.


・ Imagination … Creativity / Ingenuity/ Sensitivity that can respond to diversification of values

・ Innovation… Renovation / Technology Innovation /  Develop a Better future

・ International…Globalization  /  Globally absorb and dispatch life information


Using the “Three-i’s” as our basic philosophy, we continue to make full effort in the research and development of our manufacturing.