Planning and Design of HAGIHARAーHAGIHARA’s Material Development

September 26, 2019


HAGIHARA’s Material Development


Our technical center plays a key role in developing original materials in collaboration with the resin processing factory in Mabi and the future development depertment.

“Chactill” is made by 1) pulverizing charcoal to a width of 5 micrometers, 2) kneading it to resin using our original technology, 3) blending several kinds of resin based on our original recipe, and 4) molding them. Chactill is a highly functional cushion material with far infrared radiation (FIR) and odor effects, and it is mainly used for pillows.

“Softill” is a super soft cushion material that allows you to experience a softness you have never experienced before. This material is washable and has a high repulsive force and softness that are unthinkable with pipe-shaped cushion materials. It has been used for a pillow material as well as a wide variety of other uses, including for cushions, bath pillows, room shoes, and so forth.