Planning and Design of HAGIHARAーConstruction of Overseas Production Platform

September 26, 2019


Construction of Overseas Production Platform


We produce a wide range of more than 10,000 products in more than 50 factories in 15 countries around the world, including our own factories in Japan and Suzhou, China.

We are currently constructing a Marufu-style platform that can aid manufacturing regardless of the country and to control the production efficiently and smoothly across multiple departments.

We have our own factories in Kurashiki and Suzhou, China, and is accumulating the know-how through regularly implementing factory design, machine design, raw material procurement, material development, product development, production management, quality control and so on. We are now trying to create a system that can be used across the world, regardless of the country or category, to achieve our mission of “respecting tradition, providing one-of-a-kind products, creating new value, and contributing to the small joys of everyday life”.