Planning and Design of HAGIHARAーHAGIHARA’s Product Development

October 02, 2019


HAGIHARA’s Product Development


We develop our products based on our mission of “respecting tradition, providing one-of-a-kind products, creating new value, and contributing to the small joys of everyday life”.

For that purpose, we begin with observations of our users’ daily lives. What do they require? How should it be improved? From the outset, we think about the “ideal” goal of our products. After this, we select or develop suitable materials, and our planning and development and product departments collaborate to develop the products using our unique technology.

The materials we use range widely from natural materials such as Igusa (rush grass) and wood, to functional materials such as resin and metal.

Manufacture is carried out globally at our own resin processing and sewing factories in Kurashiki, China’s factory for Igusa products, and Indonesia, China, and Italy’s subcontracted furniture production factories.

In this way, we are able to develop one-of-a-kind interior products in the most suitable places for them.