HAGIHARA TodayーRug / Fabric

September 25, 2019


The Professionalism of our Carpet Division


Igusa (rush grass) products are the oldest products that we have been manufacturing since our foundation in 1892 (Meiji 25). Until around 1965, Okayama Prefecture grew 70% of domestic Igusa, and Igusa manufacturers were concentrated there, including HAGIHARA.

In Okayama Prefecture, Igusa cultivation began to decline after around 1965, and as an alternative, HAGIHARA started the cultivation of Igusa in China in 1972, the year in which diplomatic relations between Japan and China were normalized. Until the liberalization of trade between Japan and China in 1991, we were the only company which was allowed to import Igusa products from China.

Since we started cultivating Igusa in China, our employees have been managing the process from the fields upwards to deliver safety and security to our customers. At present, all the Igusa products produced in China are concentrated in “Suzhou HAGIHARA” which is equipped with inspection, production and logistics functions to operate a stable production system and quality control in-house.

In terms of the sales of domestic products, we are the only company in Japan that deal with products from both Okayama Prefecture and Kyushu, and we are contributing to the development of the Igusa industry together with the local manufacturers. Products other than Igusa are also included, and we import and sell fabric products, rugs and accessories from Japan, Southeast Asia, China, India and Europe.

In order to increase the ability to make proposals to customers, we regularly conduct market research and incorporate trends and consider consumers’ needs to develop products. We have three in-house designers to differentiate us from other companies and create products that attract a wide range of customers. Inspection is also regularly conducted at the related factories to see if the products are finished as instructed and to improve their quality. We continue to strive to further improve quality.

Since 1989, we have also worked with our Indian factory and have been cooperating with local agents to establish a local inspection system, stable quality control, strict adherence to delivery, and so on, which are difficult to manage for newly-entered companies.

The product development has a “+ ONE” theme. “+ ONE” means “one more opinion, one more effort, one more innovation”, and aims to make life more comfortable and relaxing. We capture market trends and make products that meet consumers’ lifestyle and needs.