Planning and Design of HAGIHARAーHAGIHARA’s Store Development

September 26, 2019


HAGIHARA’ Store Development


We manage 2 stores named “HAGIMONOYA”, which specialize in cushions and room shoes, and were developed under the concept of “more comfortable and more relaxing” (Located in Asakusa, Tokyo and Hiroshima as of December 2018).

These stores provide a space with ingenuity which is created by cushions and room shoes using “Softill®”, a super soft cushion material that was developed using the concept of “soft and springy”. We used the knowledge and experience cultivated over our 126 year history since the founding of HAGIHARA & Co., Ltd to create this innovative and comfortable material. The atmosphere of the stores allows you to feel a sense of comfort and relaxation.

HAGIMONOYA conducts a true SPA (specialty store retailer of private label apparel) because they sell the products that are manufactured in their own factory in Kurashiki, using material developed by themselves, and it makes them a unique shop.

Our planning and development office, product department, and future development office work together on store developments and are constructing a cross-sectional project team to increase the number of stores.

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