HAGIHARA TodayーTatami Facing

September 25, 2019


Professionalism of our Tatami Product Div.


We provide tatami facing that suit modern lifestyles including the “Oh-za” series (tatami mats made with Chinese natural Igusa), Japanese-made “pure clean” tatami facing, and “Jobu Tatami”, made with resin molding technology that goes beyond natural Igusa Tatami Facing.

We have been manufacturing Chinese-made tatami facing since the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China. Japanese employees manage the whole process from the grass cultivation onwards, and we aim to provide products which are safe, secure, of a stable quality and stable supply.

The “Oh-za” series has added value through the five processes of 1) removing dyestuff, 2) mold prevention, 3) no weaving wrinkles, 4) discoloration prevention, and 5) water repellence. These added values have been favorably accepted by our customers.

We are also the first company in the industry to use a pure cleaning process that uses up water to remove dyestuff from domestic tatami facing. We, together with our producers, aim to provide high-quality tatami facing.

“Jobu Tatami”, which is produced in-house using resin as a raw material, has the following series: 1) Yubi which has high durability, 2) Yubi Sumi which is kneaded with charcoal, 3) Shinbi which highlights the great texture of Igusa, and 4) Kiwamisou which has the industry’s first deodorizing effect. Jobu Tatami, therefore, can be used anywhere for any purpose.

We continue to develop new products by considering customers’ requests as much as possible and by solving their problems.