Suzhou HAGIHARA Holly Rush Co., Ltd


358Feng Yang Road, Qiang Tang, Yang Cheng Hu, Suzhou, CHINA

TEL 86512-65910039
FAX 86512-6520705
Business Contents Manufacturing Igusa (rush grass) products, quality control, Wholesale in Chinese market etc.
Main Products Igusa carpets, dyed Igusa rugs,Tatami facing,etc.

PT.Global Dunia Usaha(INDONESIA)

Address Komplek Pergudangan Sinar Buduran Ⅱ,
Blok A-28
Jl.Raya Lingkar Timur, Buduran,
Jawa Timur Indonesia
TEL (031)8077-429
FAX (031)8818-4177
Business Contents Production control, quality control and logistic control in Indonesia
Showroom managementWholesale in contract market of Indonesia etc.
Main Products Rattan furniture、Abaca furniture、Wooden furniture etc.

HAGIHARA New Delhi Ppreparation Office (INDIA)

Address Shivalik,Malviya Nagar,New Delhi
Business Contents Production control, quality control and logistic control in India etc.
Main Products Gabbeh, Kelim, Cotton rugs, Bonding rugs

HAGIHARA Los Angeles Showroom (USA)

Address 120 South Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles,
California, 90012
Business Contents Preparation office for domestic sales in the US

HAGIHARA Italy Subcontract Factory (ITALY)

Address Via A Salieri,Castel D’Azzano,Verona
Main Product Dining furniture, Living furniture, Cabinets etc.


HAGIHARA deals with a broad range of businesses.

Our tatami facing are made from natural Igusa which is harvested in China, as well as high-quality Japanese Igusa, and highly functional resin-made tatami

We import fabric products, rugs and accessories from Southeast Asia, India and Europe.

We cherish the textures of natural materials, and select materials, arrange them, and work with them.

We produce our own tools ranging from extrusion molds to machines used in manufacturing.

We have our own sewing factory, which makes it possible for us to plan and develop products that are unique to HAGIHARA through our Sewing Department.


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