Respect tradition,
Provide one-of-a-kind products,
Create new value, and
Contribute to the small joys of everyday life

Hagihara has a tradition and track record that is second to none.
It is an irreplaceable asset that money cannot buy.

Since our store is Kurezaya, we also developed warp yarns and produced blue sheets.
The development of PP led to the birth of Chaktil, and the birth of the Taiwan Igusa Factory
led to the birth of rattan furniture.Import began when Goza was exported to Europe.

We have our roots and we have our present. Does this also apply to individuals?
I am who I am today because of my past experiences.

Don’t underestimate past experience and accomplishments.
Use this as your strength and continue taking on new challenges.
And I help not only myself, but also others, and do what makes me happy.
That is hagihara’s mission.

Corporate Motto

– HAGIHARA must lead the industry

– HAGIHARA must stake its life for trust

– HAGIHARA never forgets a debt of gratitude

– HAGIHARA’s employees must pay respect to ingenuity and take pleasure in fulfilling their own responsibilities.