Hagihara will do it SDGs

We at Hagihara Co., Ltd. are working on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) advocated by the United Nations.
We support this and will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through proactive initiatives.

Initiatives for environmental issues and energy measures

萩原株式会社|HAGIHARA & CO.,LTD.

Our company introduced solar power generation in October 2013 and is working to reduce our environmental impact.
・Solar panels have been effectively installed on the roofs of the head office building, head office distribution warehouse,
and Tamashima warehouse, and the installation area is large at 7,644 square meters (approximately 2,310 tsubo).
・Annual power generation amount is 1,078,747kwh (total of 3 units, 2022 results). This is equivalent to the annual
usage fee for approximately 250 ordinary households (average approximately 4,322 kwh per household).
This means that the entire household of 241 employees is powered. (About 340 tons of CO2 reduction per year)
We will continue to strive to improve our energy self-sufficiency rate and promote environmentally friendly initiatives.

Opening of company-led nursery school “Asanoha Nursery School”

萩原株式会社|HAGIHARA & CO.,LTD.

The nursery school opened in July 2022 with the aim of supporting employees’ diverse work styles,reducing the burden of childcare, and eliminating waitlists for children in the area.

About donation activities

萩原株式会社|HAGIHARA & CO.,LTD.

Since 2013, we have donated 3 million yen to Okayama Prefecture and Kurashiki City, bringing our total donations to date to 30 million yen.
We will continue to make donations to improve local education and childcare.

Donation details (implemented in 2023)
Okayama Prefecture
Amount: 1 million yen
Purpose: The funds will be used for projects aimed at improving the welfare of children living in children’s homes.
Contents: Used to purchase books, study desks, chairs, and study computers.

Kurashiki City
Amount: 2 million yen + in-kind donation of our products such as tatami mats, PP rugs, overlays, etc.
Purpose: The funds will be used to purchase teaching materials and play equipment for early childhood education, elementary and junior high schools.
Details: We purchased musical instruments, play equipment, gymnastics mats for four public nursery schools and children’s centers, and IT equipment, physical education materials, sewing machines, etc. for three elementary and junior high schools.

Ohara Museum of Art Official Partner

萩原株式会社|HAGIHARA & CO.,LTD.

As part of our contribution, we support the efforts of the Ohara Museum of Art, a public interest incorporated foundation,
and support them as an official partner.
The Ohara Museum of Art is located in the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter and is Japan’s first art museum exhibiting
Western and contemporary art. Valuable exhibits require permanent facility renovations.
It is also an educational place for children to interact with art. We support the creation of such an environment.

5,000 tatami in 5 dayspromise

萩原株式会社|HAGIHARA & CO.,LTD.

Our company is working on a project called “5,000 Tatami in 5 Days,” in which new tatami mats are delivered free of charge from tatami stores to evacuation centers during disasters. project support company.
*The photo shows participants participating in an evacuation center disaster prevention drill held at several elementary
schools in the wards of Tokyo.