Hagihara’s efforts

In-house seminar

萩原株式会社|HAGIHARA & CO.,LTD.

For the purpose of human resource development and self-improvement, we conduct in-house training according to rank,
job type, and skill level. In addition to designated and recruitment-type training, we are also planning new training based on training preference questionnaires.

73rd fiscal year (2021-2022) results
 ・New employee training ・Management training ・Asset management seminar ・Compliance training ・Intellectual property seminar

Qualification acquisition support system

萩原株式会社|HAGIHARA & CO.,LTD.

We set recommended qualifications that will lead to work execution, and provide a lump sum or allowance depending
on the qualifications acquired.
In 2022, 12 people will be eligible for the qualification allowance. We will continue to increase the number of eligible
qualifications in response to changes in work and the environment.

 Current number of eligible qualifications…44

Health and Safety Committee

萩原株式会社|HAGIHARA & CO.,LTD.

Our company has established a safety and health committee based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act.
We have taken measures to prevent occupational accidents in terms of safety, fire prevention, and hygiene
at each of our offices, distribution centers, and factories.

We are also striving to create a workplace that is more comfortable for employees to work in, such as
by conducting disaster prevention drills, inspecting laws and regulations, and considering repairs and renovations to equipment.